Canadian Genetically Modified Foods and Your Health

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Join Dr. Thierry Vrain, retired genetic engineer who after a 30 year career with Agriculture Canada now speaks out against genetically-engineered technology. Mr. Tony Mitra, an international active citizen journalist, and food security activist, to discuss concerns about GE-GMO food, and how you can take action.

From the Halifax Media Co-op interview:

"My main message for the people in Nova Scotia is that 80 per cent of the food in the grocery store is contaminated with engineered ingredients," says Vrain. "Soy beans, canola, corn, cotton seed oil, sugar beets. Those crops, engineered to be tolerant of herbicides are then sprayed with [herbicides like] Round Up." Read more...

Cross-Canada Speakers Tour Events

Acadia University KC Irving Centre Auditorium, Saturday April 26th at 3pm, Wolfville, Nova Scotia

Tatamagouche Centre, Sunday April 27th at 7pm, Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia

St. Ninian Place, Monday April 28th at 7pm, Antigonish, Nova Scotia

Murphy’s Community Centre, Tuesday April 29th at 7pm, Charlottetown, PEI

Trinity United Church, 90 Spring St., Wednesday, April 30 at 7pm, Summerside, PEI

Can't make the talk?

Watch Dr. Vrain's GE-Food talk in Salmon Arm, BC, on Youtube

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