3 Acres in Detroit Urban Farming, Homeward Oregano, Hands in the Dirt, Green Bronx Machine, ReDane, Grass Water Cows, Brooklyn Farmer at Devour Film Fest

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3 Acres Detroit Film

3 Acres in Detroit by Detroit, je t'aime 

Description from Devour website: "What do you do when your city is broke, its citizenry is underpaid and undernourished, and its youth have next to no support? You farm."  3 Acres beautifully captures the essence of resilience, grassroots movement, and the power of sharing stories.

Homeward from The Perennial Plate on Vimeo.

Homeward- Story Oregano Growing in Mexico

The story of a oregano family farming and eliminating "the middle men"("coyotes"). Reminds me of fair trade coffee farming communities and their issues of profit seeking middlemen.  

Hands in the Dirt Film

Hands in the Dirt: The Film , Richmond BC 

Vancouver is becoming "the greenest city" while 20 minutes away in thousands of acres of Richmond's farm land is polluted by real estate development waste. Do you know of farm land being polluted from development waste where you live? Pick up your camera or smartphone!



Green Bronx Machine

Stephen Ritz is a garden and slow food education hero. I enjoyed this talk immensly as it covers a wide range of topics related to why food education and why it is vital. Stephen demonstrates how health awareness, food security, getting children excited about food, managing disabilities and growing food, education system shift, and teaching children entrepreneurial skills (risk taking, creativity etc.) all co-mingle.

ReDane (Full Film)

Factory farming is everywhere. Less and less people live in rural areas. Why would they, who wants to live in a factory? A story of Denmark, farming, and proposal for a new quality focused economy.

Brooklyn Grange Farm (Excerpt)

The awesome story of the largest rooftop farm.

How did you enjoy the films?

Photos from: http://www.devourfest.com/program/urban-farming-program-3-acres-in-detroit-homeward-hands-in-the-dirt-green-bronx-machine-redane-grass-water-cows-brooklyn-farmer/

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