Why Buy Local?

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I love infographics. Done well, infographics take overwhelming data and condense it into an easily digestible and beautiful to look at format.  While very US focused, I assume much of the principals outlined in eLocal's snazy presentation on the environment, social, and economic impacts of local economies if highly applicable to us here in Canada.

Check out Why Buy Local?

Organic Can Feed the World

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Barry Estabrook of The Atlantic wrote a well reasoned rebuttal to the common argument against the viability of organic agriculture to feed the word.  Estabrook does a decent job siting the evidence that shows organics are not just viable, but imperative.  In sum:

Given that the current food production system, which is really a 75-year-old experiment, leaves nearly one billion of the world's seven billion humans seriously undernourished today, the onus should be on the advocates of agribusiness to prove their model can feed a future population of nine billion -- not the other way around.

Well said Mr. Estabrook.  Read on.


Fall Local Recipes Nova Scotia

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Celeriac and Apple Slaw-inspired by Devour Food Film Festival by Aubergine Aube Giroux

Radish and Apple Salad Selah Koile

Seasonal Recipe Directory by Selah Koile. Selah spent 1 year creating recipes for Ted Hutten at Hutten Family Farm. She's also the Wolfville Good Food Hub Coordinator.

85 ways to eat more fermented foods

85 Ways to Eat Fermented Foods from Savoury Lotus, shared by our friends at Broadfork Farm in River Herbert East, NS

Other Awesome Fall Recipes

Canned Spiced Plums

Pork Spring Rolls

One Pan Squash and Kale Dressing (Stuffing) shared by Abundant Acres

Cabbage Casserole Lasagna from Healthfully Delicious Blog-CSA Food Blog from a Taproot Farms CSA Member

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