HarvestHand April 2014 Development Updates

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We received significant community feedback about the “Products” (formerly called “add-on’s”) and “Customers” management areas in HarvestHand. This month we have focused our efforts on improving inventory management and customer organization.

Customer Search

Quickly find/jump to a customer from any page section of the back end of HarvestHand. Start typing a customer name, then use keyboard "up" and "down" arrows and hit "enter" to select customer.

Customer Reference Number

A customer reference number is auto-generated and shown to customer when they are logged in and in relationship to payments. These can be used to reference cheques and bank payments. This was added because customer reference numbers are useful for keeping track of payments and because Strawberry Hill Farm is testing auto-bank payments.

Setting up your farm as payee has some challenges, read about Tim’s experience.


Export Products

Products can now be exported from a CSV/excel file. This enables further analysis product inventory.

Products Management Update

You can now make changes to the product enabled status and expiration without needing to enter each individual product.

Sort Products by Active

Sort your products list by “active” products. Ie. products currently available for sale.

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